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60 events! Outreach on record-setting pace in August

20150814_CUBRecordA big thank you to CUB’s Outreach team, which is on track to hold a record-breaking 60 money-saving events in August!

The 10-member team is trying to beat the previous record of 57 speaking engagements, tabling events and utility-bill checkups across the state. Recently, the team traveled to Hillsboro, Maywood, Sycamore, Morton Grove and Chicago to show utility customers how to cut costs and home energy waste.

(Check out the event calendar to see if we’ll be in your neighborhood next!)

This isn’t the first time the hard-working Outreach crew has broken a record. Last year, it  hosted 500 money-saving events across Illinois, smashing the old record of 400. The members of the team are: Outreach Director Sarah Moskowitz, Scott Allen, Aimee Gendusa-English, Laura Goldberg, Yami Newell, Matt Harvey, Ivonne Hernandez. Erica Holt, Hilary Snover and Samantha Vercellino.

If you are part of a large group that would like to have CUB come to an event, please email Erica Holt, at [email protected], or call 312-263-4282.