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Urgent: Fight electric/gas rip-offs in Springfield

Due to events in Springfield, we are making an urgent request to help us fight electric and gas rip-offs.

Please send a message to the Illinois House in support of House Amendment 4 to Senate Bill 1531. The amendment would, among other things:

  • Require the utility’s supply price to be clearly displayed on all alternative supplier marketing materials for door-to-door solicitations AND on every consumer’s utility bills.
  • Require suppliers to notify customers when their rates rise.
  • Prevent automatic contract renewals for customers with an alternative supplier plan.
  • Improve enforcement actions against suppliers’ unlawful and deceptive marketing practices.

We need your help, because in recent years, Illinois consumers with alternative electric suppliers have overpaid by nearly $400 million!

The battle against electric and gas rip-offs and scams is being fought in Springfield this minute. Please send a message now in favor of House Amendment 4 to Senate Bill 1531!