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Consumer Alert: CUB launches online help center as natural gas prices surge

With Chicago-area consumers facing the possibility of hundreds of dollars in higher heating bills this winter due to skyrocketing natural gas prices and out-of-control utility spending, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) on Monday launched an online help center to advise gas customers on how to soften the blow of these…...

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Q&A: High natural gas prices in Illinois 

Natural gas prices charged by Illinois utilities began shooting up last spring, and continue to be at a high level (double and triple last year’s prices) as we head into the expensive winter heating season. Read our Q&A to find out why this is happening and how you can protect…...

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High gas prices cause concern as cold temps near

Nearly every natural gas utility again raised their prices in September, causing more concern for consumers’ gas bills with winter just around the corner. These supply rates, some double or triple the utilities’ 2020 prices, are the result of the extreme cold that hit the nation back in February. As…...

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Hallelujah! Feds expect lower heating bills this winter

By Samantha Vercellino With federal experts predicting natural gas, electricity and propane costs to fall this winter due to above-average temperatures, Midwesterners can sleep a bit easier knowing another polar vortex blast doesn’t seem to be on the horizon. Warmer winter weather and lower fuel consumption means Midwesterners will pay…...

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Which company grinds your gears?

Over 30 years of service, we have seen all sorts of utility mischief: sky-high bills, unresponsive customer service, confusing rates. And in a year of astronomical prices and frequent rate-hike requests, we know there’s still plenty to complain about. So here’s your chance to air it out: In honor of CUB’s 30th anniversary, we’re…...

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