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Natural Gas

Hanover Park utility bill clinic: $132 per year in customer savings

CUB’s outreach team is always on the road, visiting cities, towns and villages across Illinois to hold clinics that show consumers how to save money on their utility bills. This week was no different–CUB staffers Laura Goldberg, Ivonne Hernandez and Yami Newell took to Hanover Park and showed consumers how…...

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Good news for Peoples, North Shore Gas non-heating customers!

As a Chicago renter who only uses natural gas to cook, I’ve often asked, “Why is my bill $50!?” I only use a few therms a month, and gas prices are in the neighborhood of 50 cents a therm—relatively low compared to past years. I’m hoping that’s about to change.…...

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Nicor customer refunds beginning this month

This month, Nicor Gas will begin issuing $72 million in refunds ordered by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) following a 10-year legal battle waged by CUB and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office. Nicor says the average homeowner will receive a total of about $30 paid out over the next 12…...

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Victory? Nicor customers to see $72 million refund

A 5-0 Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) ruling means Nicor customers will be on the receiving end of a $72 million paycheck in the near future. While we’re always happy to see customers get a refund, in this case, $72 million is not enough to undo the harm done to customers.…...

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