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alternative supplier scams

CUB analysis: Read alternative supplier offers carefully (and watch for red flags)

Have you received an envelope in the mail that at first glance looks like it could be an urgent message from your utility company? Be careful: It could be another alternative supplier offer.  Such a mailing can be common in Illinois and other states with competitive electricity choice. But here’s…...

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What you need to know about alternative electricity suppliers

During the summer months when electricity bills are on the rise, many consumers wonder if they should switch to an alternative supplier to cut down on their bills. But beware, these enticing offers are usually not as good as they seem.  Illinois electric customers have lost more than $1 billion…...

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State: Illinois electric customers overpaid by $431 million with alternative suppliers

Illinois consumers who buy their electricity from alternative suppliers collectively paid $431 million more in the last year than they would have by sticking with their utility, according to a new report from the Illinois Commerce Commission’s Office of Retail Market Development. From May 31, 2020 through May 31, 2021,…...

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