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News you can use: Power Outage Tips

Be prepared in case of power outages. CUB compiled these tips from a number of sources, including the Red Cross and Ready.gov. What can I do to prepare for a power outage?  Line up a support network. Keep a paper copy of a list of people (and their numbers) who…...

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Tips in the aftermath of a storm

We are seeing more and more examples of violent, dangerous and disruptive weather. Some utility-related tips and resources in the aftermath of a storm: What safety precautions should I take after a storm?  Never approach a downed power line, always assume it’s energized and extremely dangerous. Call your utility immediately…...

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What Illinois can learn from the Texas power disaster 

Texas’ power collapse in the wake of record-setting cold left millions of people suffering without electricity. And millions more are left with big questions about how such a tragedy could happen. A disaster like this should spark thoughtful discussion in Illinois and across the country of what we can do…...

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News you can use during a power outage

Storms that ripped through Illinois this week–more than 10 confirmed tornadoes in northern Illinois, including one in Chicago–left more than 800,000 ComEd customers and about 55,000 Ameren customers without power. If you are one of the unlucky ones who may not have power until Saturday, here are  some helpful resources:…...

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