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Power Grid

Fighting for your rights at the nation’s largest power grid

Our electric bills are affected not just by a local utility, like ComEd or Ameren Illinois, but also by large power grid operators with funny names like “PJM” and “MISO.” That’s why CUB launched a campaign called Consumers for a Better Grid.   The campaign’s mission is to hold grid operators,…...

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Illinois Legislators Join the Push for Greater Grid Transparency with HB4747

Legislators from five states are joining together to introduce legislation to increase the transparency of electric utilities’ involvement in PJM, the Regional Transmission Organization (RTO). PJM manages the power grid over 13 states and the District of Columbia, from the Midwest to the East Coast. The legislators are from Illinois,…...

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What Illinois can learn from the Texas power disaster 

Texas’ power collapse in the wake of record-setting cold left millions of people suffering without electricity. And millions more are left with big questions about how such a tragedy could happen. A disaster like this should spark thoughtful discussion in Illinois and across the country of what we can do…...

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