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Power outages

Power outage tips

As we write this, thousands of people are still without power from storms last night, and thunder is rumbling overhead. Some helpful resources in case the lights go out: Where can I get information about outages?   Here’s the outage map from Ameren Illinois and here’s ComEd’s map. For easy access to information about…...

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What Illinois can learn from the Texas power disaster 

Texas’ power collapse in the wake of record-setting cold left millions of people suffering without electricity. And millions more are left with big questions about how such a tragedy could happen. A disaster like this should spark thoughtful discussion in Illinois and across the country of what we can do…...

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News you can use during a power outage

Storms that ripped through Illinois this week–more than 10 confirmed tornadoes in northern Illinois, including one in Chicago–left more than 800,000 ComEd customers and about 55,000 Ameren customers without power. If you are one of the unlucky ones who may not have power until Saturday, here are  some helpful resources:…...

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AARP, IL PIRG, CUB Launch Save Our Service (SOS) Campaign

Today, AARP, the Illinois Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) and CUB joined forces to launch the Save Our Service (SOS) campaign to block AT&T-backed legislation that would hang up on Illinois’ most vulnerable phone customers. Consumer advocates urged Illinoisans to visit SaveOurPhoneService.com to send messages to the General Assembly against AT&T’s deregulation…...

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Storm safety tips

As the storms roll in, so does the risk of lightning, downed power lines, flooding and other electrical hazards.  Follow these tips to protect yourself (and share with your neighbors too!): Downed power lines.   The human body is a natural conductor of electricity, so downed power lines  present a major…...

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