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Safety tips

Helpful information and tips on wireless 9-1-1

By Joseph Giamberdino Calling 911 on a traditional landline phone means the dispatcher can automatically trace your call to the exact address–but most emergency calls are now made with a cellphone. Here’s what you should know about mobile cellphones and 911.  Who is responsible for answering a 911 call? When…...

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Beware: Don’t fall victim to a Coronavirus scam

Fraudsters are using the public health emergency to steal our money and personal information. Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul has warned residents to exercise caution with phone, text and email solicitations for money or personal information that are tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. Protect yourself from scams by reading our…...

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Protecting yourself from a data breach

Online data breaches have been in the news a lot this year, so what can you do firsthand to avoid being a victim of identity theft? When a data breach strikes When news breaks of a data breach within a company that holds your information, it’s not always clear what…...

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Safety during a winter power outage

Power outages don’t just happen during storms on balmy summer days. Winter power outages can be more difficult due to the harsh cold. Here are some tips for staying safe if you find yourself caught in one. Getting prepared When a winter storm hits, you may not be able to…...

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What do you need to know about the upcoming solar eclipse?

What’s happening?  On Monday, Aug. 21, a total solar eclipse will pass over the continental U.S. for the first time since 1979—and a 70-mile swath of Southern Illinois (including Carbondale, Carterville, Makanda and Waterloo) will be among the nation’s best places to see it. In fact, the Makanda area will…...

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Storm safety tips

As the storms roll in, so does the risk of lightning, downed power lines, flooding and other electrical hazards.  Follow these tips to protect yourself (and share with your neighbors too!): Downed power lines.   The human body is a natural conductor of electricity, so downed power lines  present a major…...

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