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Quick poll: Robocall update

ROBOCALLS UPDATE: Major developments since April, when we sent federal regulators 2,900 petition signatures urging them to fight “spoofed” robocalls. (Robocalls that alter Caller ID to get you to pick up.) This summer, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed its highest fine ever ($120 million) against a robocall scheme. Get this:…...

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Why support landlines?

Why should you oppose AT&T’s bid to kill traditional home phone service in its Illinois territory—even if you don’t own a landline? First, it might be helpful to know what the phone giant wants out of legislation in Springfield. AT&T is pushing two bills: Senate Bill 1381 and House Bill…...

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Debunking AT&T’s claims of “affordable, often cheaper” phone service

In its bid to end traditional home phone service in Illinois, AT&T also wants to abolish the low-cost “Consumer’s Choice” plans that CUB created under a legal settlement with the phone giant. CUB calls the plans the best local calling deals in the state, but the AT&T lobbyists have been circulating…...

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Act now! Fight irritating, illegal robocalls

Today, CUB asked Illinois consumers to sign a petition to fight illegal “robocalls.” It’s the perfect time to take action, now that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has urged big phone companies to give customers free technology to block these computer-generated telemarketing calls. We’re all annoyed by these…...

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Hurry! Last chance to sign up for great IL phone deal

Consumer advocates are urging AT&T landline customers to sign up for one of the state’s best local phone deals before time runs out. The low cost Consumer’s Choice plans –which were created by CUB under a legal settlement with the phone giant in 2006—will soon no longer be offered to…...

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Consumer sends heartfelt thank you after CUB saves her $60/month

By Samantha Vercellino Wanda Cunningham didn’t know how CUB could help her lower her high phone bills when she first called the consumer group. Now—one year later—the Olympia Fields resident credits her $60 a month savings to that fateful call. Wanda’s call was fielded by Bilingual Environmental Outreach Coordinator Ivonne Hernandez…...

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