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Act now! Fight irritating, illegal robocalls

20160809_robocalls_fbToday, CUB asked Illinois consumers to sign a petition to fight illegal “robocalls.”

It’s the perfect time to take action, now that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has urged big phone companies to give customers free technology to block these computer-generated telemarketing calls.

We’re all annoyed by these calls, but they’re more than just a nuisance. Consumers Union estimates that scam artists use robocalls to help them rob people of $350 million a year.

After years of foot-dragging, maybe the industry is finally ready to take substantive action. In response to Wheeler, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson announced he would lead a “strike force” against robocalling. Wheeler urged other phone companies to get involved and produce a plan to combat robocalls in 60 days.

Let’s make sure Illinois’ big phone companies (AT&T, Verizon, Frontier) know we’re watching, and we expect results. Sign CUB’s petition and turn the heat up on Big Telecom.