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Consumer victory, part 2: $1,000 in credits from Sprint!

Last spring, CUB helped Moira Melendez land a $797 credit from Sprint for a “free” phone that turned out to be anything but. So when the wireless company gave her more trouble this year, she didn’t think twice about reaching out to CUB again. The trouble began when her Sprint…...

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Robocalls on the rise: tips on stopping phony callers

We asked people on Facebook if they get a lot of robocalls, and boy did we get an earful! “I get an average of 35-40 a week. Insanity!” wrote Kathleen. “I’ve had a zillion on my cellphone, all from different areas of the country, all about buying insurance,” added Susabelle.…...

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AT&T Mobility faces $100M fine for misleading consumers

Feel like your mobile Internet connection has been slower than usual? Well, if you’re an AT&T Mobility customer, that may be the case. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to slap AT&T Mobility with a $100 million fine for allegedly “throttling” speeds for unlimited data customers— the largest fine ever of its…...

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