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First Quarter Report: $58,828 in Consumer Savings

While CUB’s legal and policy teams fought $6 billion in higher rates in the first quarter of 2016, the consumer advocacy and outreach departments were busy too, helping consumers save an estimated $58,828.08. According to CUB records, the outreach department–which holds money-saving events across Illinois–showed consumers how to cut their utility…...

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What we’re up against? $6 billion in higher rates!

In the first half of 2016, here’s what our legal and policy teams are up against: Energy giant Exelon is ramping up the pressure in Springfield to raise our electric bills by up to $1.6 billion over five years. We helped win a U.S. Supreme Court battle to stop power generators…...

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CUB’s top 5 money-saving cases from 2015

Over the years, CUB has helped save consumers an astounding $20 billion—an accomplishment that would be impossible to meet without our consumer advocates. In 2015 alone, the consumer advocacy team generated $30,000 in savings for individual consumers who called us with a utility complaint, according to CUB records. That’s why…...

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