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Q&A: Updates to the Carbon-free Resource Adjustment

CUB has been getting calls about a line-item on ComEd bills called the Carbon-Free Resource Adjustment, or CFRA.  Over its first year on ComEd bills, the CFRA delivered a total of about $2.4 billion in credits to consumers.  But this summer the CFRA became a charge. Here’s some background. What…...

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CUB “helped save my company from bankruptcy”

Kudos to Annie, CUB’s Bilingual Consumer Rights Specialist! She helped Devin correct an $82,000 mistake by ComEd that threatened to shut down his small business. “CUB is a vital resource. You guys helped save my company from bankruptcy,” Devin said. And kudos to you too! The support of Illinois consumers…...

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Consumer’s persistence and CUB lead to $797 Sprint credit

Your monthly cellphone bill already takes a chunk out of your wallet, and even more if you have multiple people on one plan. So when Moira Melendez and her son Michael found a “buy one, get one free” offer, they thought they had come across a great deal.  But the months…...

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