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FAQ on Dynegy’s legislation: Why you should oppose it

In the General Assembly’s October Veto session, Houston-based Dynegy is pushing legislation (Senate Bill 2250/House Bill 4141) to prop up its financially ailing coal-fired power plants. UPDATE: The bill stalled in 2017, but CUB fully expects the legislation to come back in 2018. CUB opposes the legislation. Here’s why you should…...

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Breaking: ‘Slam dunk’ for electric customers at the Supreme Court

It’s never easy taking on big energy companies, but then there are days like this. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling in support of an important efficiency program called Demand Response. Read CUB’s statement. Demand Response is any program in which power grid operators pay electricity users to…...

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IL Attorney General: Stop rate hikes in Southern and Central IL!

Let’s pump the brakes on these Ameren rate hikes. That’s the message coming loud and clear from the Illinois Attorney General’s office.  And it’s a message CUB wholeheartedly echoes. AG Lisa Madigan and consumer advocate group Public Citizen petitioned federal regulators yesterday to overturn a recent electricity auction that will lead to huge…...

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Act now to avoid skyrocketing electric prices

We’ve been updating you on two developments that could have disastrous consequences for your power bills.  Now’s the time to act to protect YOUR interests. ComEd customers:  Tell Congress to fix a terrible court ruling that could increase your rates by 20% A recent federal court ruling stripped power grid operator PJM (the…...

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Ameren customers, this could cost you $300 million!

Illinois coal plant owner Dynegy wants Ameren to join an East Coast power grid that could increase YOUR electricity rates—by $300 million. We blogged about this worrisome proposal last week, and now we want to hear what you have to say. In case you missed it, here’s some background on the situation: Dynegy…...

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