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electric rates

CUB statement on Ameren’s $57.6 million electric rate hike

Ameren’s Illinois’ $57.6 million formula rate hike just adds to consumers’ pain in an already difficult year. In addition to this electric delivery rate hike, in 2021 consumers have endured significant increases in gas and electricity supply rates as well as a $76 million gas delivery rate hike. Ameren customers…...

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What CUB caught at a recent utility-bill clinic

At CUB utility-bill clinics across the state, we talk to a lot of people  who are, unfortunately, paying a painfully high rate with an alternative supplier. Recently we met Elibrando , who was being charged more than double ComEd’s rate. Elibrando came to a CUB clinic to find out why…...

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CUB to the rescue: A commercial rate for a residential space?

Gabriele was a charged a $1,200 deposit for using a commercial space, but argued she was just a residential customer. She had been using a previous owner’s storefront window space for family gatherings, kids’ art activities and meetings. With no business license, the space was not being used to sell…...

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New 2018 electric rates

It’s a new year and ComEd and Ameren have new electric rates. Part of our mission is to keep people informed about their utility bills, so we want to make sure you know what you’re paying....

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ComEd aims to reduce bills by $2/$3 per month

ComEd has announced plans to pass along to its customers about $200 million in savings from the new federal tax law. ComEd says the move, which requires Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) approval, would decrease monthly bills for the average customer by about $2 to $3 per month. Crain’s Chicago Business points…...

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New power prices in Illinois

Summer is around the corner, bringing with it warm days, sunshine, flowers, and…new electric rates. ComEd customers can breathe a little easier starting June 1, as the utility’s price to compare will drop to 7.04¢/kWh through Sept. 30. That’s a decrease of about 7 percent from the current rate (7.572¢/kWh).  Ameren…...

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