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gas rates

Update on record-breaking rate hikes in 2023

By Eric DeBellis CUB General Counsel  Regulatory Counsel Laura Loyd and I are dealing with a record six rate cases, totaling a whopping $2.9 billion.  Where do the rate cases stand? Over the past year, CUB has filed expert testimony uncovering the utilities’ attempts to get state regulators to approve…...

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Natural gas prices remain high in August

Most major Illinois gas utilities are holding on to high rates, the aftershock of the extreme cold that hit the nation back in February. Consumers are using less natural gas thanks to the warm weather, but it is still important to factor these high prices into your usage. The price…...

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November natural gas rates trending up

November gas prices are more expensive this month than last, with the exception of Nicor Gas.  The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has anticipated an uptick. Last month, the organization predicted that natural gas bills across the Midwest could be about 8 percent higher than last winter. Over the winter season,…...

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