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Free CUB guide: Protect yourself from online crooks

NOTICE: CUB’s newest publication is Internet Privacy: A Guide to Protecting Yourself Online. (You may have heard WBBM radio report on the guide over the holidays.) If you’ve read the guide, please tell us what you think. We like to hear your comments so we can improve our library of…...

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CUB releases first-ever internet privacy guide to help IL consumers avoid online crooks and scam artists

For the first time in its three-decade history, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) has released a guide on internet privacy to help Illinois consumers prevent online crooks and scam artists from stealing their personal information, and their money. Consumers can get a free copy of “Internet Privacy: A Guide to…...

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A CUB Buyer’s Guide to LED Bulbs

Lighting accounts for approximately 20 percent of a typical electric bill, so using energy efficient bulbs can result in big savings. If enough people switch to LEDs (light-emitting diodes), by 2027 the U.S. could save about $265 billion, according to a Department of Energy estimate. But how do you choose…...

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