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heating bills

In May, natural gas prices reach their highest point in more than a decade

Many natural gas customers in Illinois are paying the highest prices in more than a decade, with most utilities charging nearly $1 a therm or more in May, according to gas price data filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).  This latest development shows that even though winter is over,…...

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Gas prices still skyrocketing–thank goodness winter is ending

Winter is ending, and hopefully warm weather is on the way, because natural gas prices continue to be through the roof.  About 80 percent of Illinois homes heat with natural gas, and this has been their most expensive winter since the cold season of 2008-09.  Illinois’ natural gas utilities file…...

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Q&A: What is the QIP surcharge on my gas bill?

What is the QIP surcharge? The Qualified Infrastructure Plant, or QIP, fee is charged by Ameren Illinois, Nicor Gas and Peoples Gas, the three biggest gas utilities in Illinois. It covers certain costs associated with replacing natural gas pipes and other work on the utilities’ gas delivery system. You may…...

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CUB Executive Director David Kolata’s statement on Nicor rate hike

The following is a statement from Citizens Utility Board (CUB) Executive Director David Kolata on Nicor Gas’ $240 million rate hike.  It’s unacceptable that Nicor Gas pushed for higher rates—its third record request in four years—while people are struggling under a pandemic and the highest winter heating prices in more…...

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