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Illinois Clean Jobs bill

Big Exelon announcement opens the door for Illinois Clean Jobs Bill

Ending months of speculation about the fate of its Quad Cities and Byron nuclear power plants, ComEd-parent Exelon announced today that it would put off a decision about those plants for another year. As consumers brace for higher power bills due to recent electricity auctions, this development provides a unique opportunity to…...

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lllinois’ Only Chance

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled its Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants by 2030. Under the plan, Illinois is required to cut emissions 31 percent. That won’t be easy, but we have a key tool to reach that goal: the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill.…...

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Editorial roundup: the battle to protect electric customers in Springfield

Springfield is abuzz with two very different pieces of energy legislation, one that could help electric customers and another that could hurt them. One is  the Illinois Clean Jobs bill (House Bill 2607/Senate Bill 1485), which would increase energy efficiency and renewable energy standards in Illinois.  A CUB analysis found that the…...

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