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Editorial roundup: the battle to protect electric customers in Springfield

Springfield is abuzz with two very different pieces of energy legislation, one that could help electric customers and another that could hurt them.

One is  the Illinois Clean Jobs bill (House Bill 2607/Senate Bill 1485), which would increase energy efficiency and renewable energy standards in Illinois.  A CUB analysis found that the bill would save consumers $1.6 billion— an average consumer savings of $98 per year— and create 32,000 jobs per year, once it’s fully implemented.

(Tell legislators you support the Illinois Clean Jobs bill.)

The other legislation, the “Exelon bill” (SB 1585 and HB 3293), would cost ratepayers an estimated  $300 million per year to prop up three of the power giant’s nuclear plants in Illinois—despite the fact that Exelon earned a cool $1.6 billion last year.

(Tell legislators you’re against the Exelon bill.)

We’ve rounded up Illinois’ best opinion pieces in favor of the Illinois Clean Jobs bill and against the Exelon bill.

Illinois Clean Jobs Bill

Exelon bill

We’ll refresh this blog post with the latest developments, so check back for updates.