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Misleading marketing

Consumer victory: Advocates praise passage of HB 4281 in Illinois

The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) is joining with Illinois officials in praising the state General Assembly for unanimously passing legislation that prevents a misleading marketing tactic that has tricked consumers for years and in some cases caused them to pay hundreds of dollars in extra costs. Last week, the Illinois…...

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Urge Springfield To Fight Misleading Marketing

We’re asking you to join the fight against misleading marketing today. House Bill 4281 would prohibit a “non-utility individual, business, or entity” from using “a public utility name or logo, in whole or in part, in any manner to market, solicit, sell or bill for a home (i) insurance, (ii)…...

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Big victory over consumer confusion

Nicor Advanced Energy—an unregulated gas supplier that has sparked complaints from confused customers whose gas bills went up—will change its name and logo, under a settlement hailed as a consumer victory by Attorney General Lisa Madigan and CUB. The settlement is part of Atlanta-based Southern Co.’s proposed buyout of Nicor…...

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