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Q&A: Electricity Price Spike in Central and Southern Illinois

What’s happening to Ameren customers?   Since June 1, 2022, the price for electricity has more than doubled for Ameren customers across Central and Southern Illinois, and that’s expected to cost customers hundreds of dollars in higher power bills over the next year. What is Ameren’s electricity price? As of Jan.…...

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With energy prices skyrocketing, advocates urge power grid operator to stop delays on new generation

Illinois legislative leaders and CUB are urging the power grid operator in Central and Southern Illinois to fast track renewable energy projects that could reliably power 4.5 million homes and help relieve energy problems in the region. At a news conference July 21, legislative leaders criticized the Midcontinent Independent System…...

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Consumer Alert: Natural gas prices to soar in April

Several major Illinois utilities are increasing their natural gas prices by about 40 percent to 69 percent on April 1, a lingering effect of February’s volatile winter weather that crippled the nation’s gas supply and caused massive blackouts in Texas. Last month, dangerously low temperatures and up to a foot of snow prompted Illinois Gov.…...

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Sign the petition to FERC: Refunds now!

Federal regulators recently ordered changes to a yearly electricity auction that last summer sparked a 30 percent increase in power prices in Central and Southern Illinois.  Now, it’s time to demand your money back for the egregious prices! Every year, the power grid operator in Central and Southern Illinois and 14 other…...

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