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HEAT Act would protect consumers from predatory alternative suppliers

Today CUB joined Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul and other consumer advocates urging the General Assembly to pass legislation to protect consumers from predatory practices and high costs from alternative energy suppliers “This legislation would right some of the wrongs in the alternative supplier industry,” said Bryan McDaniel, CUB’s Director…...

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Anatomy of a Bad Deal

When Robert Smith’s gas bills suddenly shot up, he was confused. He was supposed to be paying less for gas with alternative gas supplier Energy Rewards than with the regulated utility in his area, Nicor. So he sat down to compare what he had been paying with Energy Rewards to…...

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Scam Alert

Utility-related issues, telecommunications complaints, identity theft and fraud all made Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s top 10 list of consumer concerns. With new scams creeping up every day, read CUB’s list of cons and rip-offs so you can protect yourself. Let us know if you have heard of these scams,…...

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Scam Alert: Beware Microsoft tech imposters!

Getting a call from Microsoft?  Think twice before you answer!  Scammers claiming to be from Microsoft technical support are now targeting Illinois residents. Here’s how the scam works: Microsoft impostors call claiming to have detected viruses or malware on a user’s computers (often perpetrators use public directories to determine a customer’s name or other personal information, which…...

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Kick “cramming” off our wireless bills!

Fraudulent third-party charges could cost wireless customers up to $887 million a year. That’s according to a nationwide coalition of consumer advocates, including CUB, who are pushing federal regulators to adopt tough rules cracking down on the “cramming” scam. Cramming is when a third-party company places a charge on your…...

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