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water bills

Spending more time at home? Tips on keeping your utility bills low

With Coronavirus sending employees and students home for quarantine or social distancing, you may find yourself and your family members cooped up inside. That means more people using tablets and computers, opening and closing the refrigerator, turning on lights, and adjusting the thermostat. If you don’t take the proper precautions,…...

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Water: You pay, so you deserve a say

You pay your water bill, so you should have a say in whether your water system gets privatized. That’s the idea behind House Bill 2392, legislation in Springfield that would require municipalities to hold a referendum before selling off a public water and sewer system. Tell your state legislators to support…...

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[Breaking] Fight bad water bill (again)

A few months ago, Gov. Rauner signed a horrible bill—an update to the Water Privatization Act. The bill allows the state’s biggest private water companies to buy up municipal water systems and raise rates for customers across Illinois. Well, there’s an exciting development: Due to a legal technicality, the General Assembly…...

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CUB calls on governor to veto a bad water bill

CUB made headlines this week when the watchdog group stood with state senators and suburban mayors to ask Gov. Bruce Rauner to veto House Bill 4508, legislation that will give special treatment to Illinois’ most powerful private water companies and opens the door for higher water rates for people across the…...

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