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Illinois’ most hated bill: Cable gets the nod!

The results are in from our survey on Illinois’ most hated bill. It’s cable, but judging by the survey results there’s plenty of bill-hate to go around.

1) Cable: 627 votes, 35.8 percent
2) Natural Gas: 461 votes, 26.4 percent
3) Electric: 296 votes, 16.9 percent
4) Phone: 240 votes, 13.7 percent
5) “Other”: 79 votes, 4.5 percent
6) Water: 42 votes, 2.4 percent

Congratulations, Laura of Savoy! Her name was randomly selected from the survey participants to win $25 off a utility bill, plus an energy efficiency kit for taking part in CUB’s vote.

For Laura, her Ameren electric bill was the most annoying.

“Every time my husband and I turn around, the newspaper has another article about how our utility bills, mostly gas and electric rates, are going to be increased to…help pay for ‘whatever,'” she wrote in the survey. “Senior citizens like us with large health expenses cannot afford utilities to continue to increase their rates and/or taxes.”

Given that Ameren just proposed a $206 million electric increase, CUB will keep fighting for you, Laura! In the meantime, we hope she enjoys the $25 off her utility bill and the efficiency kit: an LED bulb, a Kill A Watt and a smart power strip.