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CUB turns bad customer service into a $215 refund

20150420_AnnetteRefundBy Samantha Vercellino

Almost two years ago Helen Paul cancelled her services with the alternative supplier Kona Energy and switched back to the regulated utility. However, just recently she discovered her termination request never went through.

Kona Energy was still her supplier.

The Hazel Crest resident wasted no time calling Kona, and Commonwealth Edison for answers. But she got nowhere.

At her wits’ end, Helen enlisted the help of Consumer Rights Associate Annette Evans. The 9-year CUB veteran immediately contacted Kona Energy to inquire about the claim.

“It appears this was an example of bad customer service,” Annette said. “The representative did not fully understand what the consumer wanted or was trying to confuse her with tricky lingo.”

With Annette’s help, Helen finally cancelled her services with Kona Energy—and received a $215.24 refund for her troubles.

“Consumers should know we are not going to let them get ripped off,” Annette said. “We are committed to protecting consumers, and this big refund reinforces that idea.”

To avoid Helen’s dilemma, CUB recommends diligently checking your monthly bills to make sure your cancellation went through. You can find your supplier by looking under the “supply” section of your bill. (Just remember cancellations can take up to two months.)

If you have other questions regarding your utility, phone or cable service, call CUB’s Consumer Hotline, at 1-800-669-5556.