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CUB’s NEW Gas & Electric Guide

We are happy to announce that after months of research and writing by CUB’s experts, we are releasing an online Gas and Electric Guide, the first such publication in CUB’s 35-year history.

This free handbook is a comprehensive guide to all the rules and regulations that govern how gas and electric utilities should treat Illinois customers. There is no other place in Illinois where you can get a detailed, easy-to-understand outline of helpful utility tips and your rights as a customer, including:

  • When a utility CAN and CANNOT disconnect service;
  • When a payment is considered late;
  • Where to look on your bill for alternative supplier rip-offs;
  • Tips on complaining to your utility;
  • Special electricity pricing plans that might save you money.

We hope you enjoy the guide and find it helpful.

P.S. We worked hard on CUB’s Gas & Electric Guide because we know how hard it can be for utility customers to get good information. Please tell your friends about this publication.