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The EV Buyer’s Handbook: A summary

For your convenience, we offer this summary of the EV Buyer’s Handbook. You can order the full guide for free on our guide order form.  Introduction An electric vehicle is any car or truck that plugs into an electric socket. It has a battery that stores energy to power an…...

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CUB releases new guide to help Illinois consumers shop phone market

The Citizens Utility Board announced that it has released a new “Guide to Phone Choices” to help Illinois consumers navigate their options in the telecom market. Visit CitizensUtilityBoard.org to order a free copy of the 16-page publication, which includes information about selecting cellphone, landline and VoIP service. The phone landscape…...

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Cut your TV costs with CUB’s updated cable guide

In September, we asked and you answered: The utility bill you hate the most is cable. The average consumer pays $100-$200 a month on their cable bill, but only watches an average of 17 channels! That’s why we’ve updated CUB’s Guide to Cutting Your TV Costs with the most recent…...

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Scam alert: Who’s at your door?

Warning: Both ComEd and Ameren say they’ve seen an increase in reports of scammers posing as the utility companies to try to bilk customers out of their hard-earned money. One TV station reported on these scams just this month. “Scammers are using increasingly advanced tactics and they are very convincing,”…...

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Good news, for a change

It’s easy to get discouraged when talking about rate hikes and rip-offs. But here’s some good news: One of Illinois’ biggest newspapers praised the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which CUB has been fighting for in Springfield. Read the Chicago Sun-Times editorial.  Please send a message to your legislators in favor of…...

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CUB’s NEW Gas & Electric Guide

We are happy to announce that after months of research and writing by CUB’s experts, we are releasing an online Gas and Electric Guide, the first such publication in CUB’s 35-year history. This free handbook is a comprehensive guide to all the rules and regulations that govern how gas and electric utilities should…...

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