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This week’s e-newsletter: 5 questions you should ask about your high gas/electric bills


“Why is my bill so high?”

Danielle Holmes, Consumer Rights Specialist, gets that question a lot. Over the past 9 years she has counseled thousands of utility customers a year. Taking a hard look at your utility bills is probably not your favorite pastime—but Danielle has found that you can learn a lot if you ask a few key questions. 

CUB’s e-newsletter, which went out today, covers the simple questions Danielle asks every time she sees a high bill.

Also in this week’s e-newsletter: In honor of CUB’s 35th anniversary, a former CUB board member (who wishes to remain anonymous) has come forward to match donations this week—up to a total of $1,225! (That’s a $35 donation for each year CUB has been fighting for consumers!) Give today, and your contribution will be matched!