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Save money on your bills and keep your home warm: Practice efficiency!

With the high natural gas prices we will likely see throughout the winter, be mindful of your gas usage this heating season. Practicing efficiency can help you better control your bills while still keeping your home comfortable. The gas efficiency section of CUB’s website has resources to help you get started. Here are some of our favorite programs and tips: 

  • Nicor’s Home Energy Assessment
    • At no cost to you, an energy advisor will walk through your home to suggest improvements and install money-saving products, such as a programmable thermostat, efficient showerheads and LEDs. Alternatively, you can order free weatherization and water-saving kits through the utility that include items like weather stripping tape, door sweeps, shower timers and plumber’s tape.
  • Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas’ Home Energy Rebate Program
    • Peoples and North Shore customers who are owners of single-family homes, two-flats and individually-metered condos and townhome may qualify for rebates on energy-saving improvements to their homes. The program webpage flushes out the details, but if you’re making improvements to your home, such as adding insulation or replacing your hot water heater or furnace, you could save hundreds of dollars through the rebate program.
  • Ameren’s Appliance Recycling Program
  • Heat pumps
    • Also included on the gas efficiency section of CUB’s website is information about heat pumps. Heat pump systems are another method for heating and cooling your home in a more energy-efficient and cost-effective manner, moving heat from cool spaces to warm spaces and vice versa.
    • Heat pumps use electricity rather than burning gas on-site at your home or business. As the electric grid changes and transitions toward more renewable sources and away from coal and gas, heat pumps are a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative
  • Smart thermostats
    • Smart thermostats can help you make the most of your efficiency programs and upgrades. By continuously monitoring temperature and humidity levels in your home, smart thermostats can turn your air conditioning or furnace on or off to save energy without changing the temperature noticeably. 
    • ComEd and Ameren customers can enjoy a rebate of $100 on smart thermostats.
  • Virtual Utility Bill Clinic
    • After you’ve gone through your own efficiency upgrades, have a CUB staffer review your gas, electric and telecom bills. Send a copy of your bills to [email protected], and a staff member will analyze your bills for potential savings and educate you on energy scams and ripoffs.