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Save money on your bills and keep your home warm: Practice efficiency!

With the high natural gas prices we will likely see throughout the winter, be mindful of your gas usage this heating season. Practicing efficiency can help you better control your bills while still keeping your home comfortable. The gas efficiency section of CUB’s website has resources to help you get…...

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Can you take the heat? Summer savings tips

Summer is around the corner, so make sure your home—and wallets—can handle the heat. Check your HVAC system. Have a professional check your HVAC system. Consider cleaning your air-conditioning unit’s filter once a month, but at the very least once every three months. It’s an easy way to improve the…...

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Are you cooling an empty home? There’s a solution

Amid the hottest month of the year, consumer advocates joined with Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to make Chicago-area consumers aware that cooling an empty home while they are away at work or on vacation can cause summer energy bills to soar at a news conference…...

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