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Hanover Park utility bill clinic: $132 per year in customer savings

CUB’s outreach team is always on the road, visiting cities, towns and villages across Illinois to hold clinics that show consumers how to save money on their utility bills. This week was no different–CUB staffers Laura Goldberg, Ivonne Hernandez and Yami Newell took to Hanover Park and showed consumers how…...

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Win up to $900 of free electricity!

Presence Health is partnering with CUB in a contest encouraging Illinois consumers to go green and lower their utility bills. Here’s how it works: Community members and Presence Health employees can sign up for CUB Energy Saver—that’s CUB’s free bill-cutting service—as a member of any hospital’s energy-saving team. At the end of summer,…...

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5 no-cost tips to cut your summer energy bills

Summer is here, and along with all the fun stuff comes an annual spike in our electric bills.  To keep more money in your pocket for road trips, pool visits and ice cream, here are five no-cost tips to cut your summer energy costs: Avoid placing lamps or TV sets…...

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Where do our greenhouse gases come from?

This flow chart from research consultancy Ecofys breaks down man-made greenhouse gases worldwide by source and sector. (See a larger PDF version here.) A few takeaways: Homes use a lot of energy. Residential energy usage is responsible for 11 percent of the greenhouse gas pie, while public and commercial buildings eat up 7…...

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