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June 1: The day a 30% increase in power prices took hold in Central, Southern IL

The fight against a 30 percent increase in power prices is heating up, just as the hike takes hold in Central and Southern Illinois. Here are the latest developments: The new prices took effect on June 1: 5.974 cents per kWh (zone 1) 5.911 cents per kWh (zone 2) 5.966…...

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Why are my rates about to go up?

  Power prices in Southern and Central Illinois are set to skyrocket June 1.  But what’s behind this huge increase?  Read CUB’s Q&A to find out and take a short poll rating the electric market. If you haven’t already, join the 1,000+ CUB Action Network members who have sent a message…...

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Hey FERC: Investigate the rate hike!

Ameren customers recently received terrible news: Power prices will skyrocket June 1. It’s all because of an exponential increase in capacity costs—what consumers pay to ensure power plants are able to deliver electricity on the highest-demand days of the year.  The average household could see electric bills rise by as much as $150 annually…...

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Q&A about June 1 electric rate hikes in Central, Southern Illinois

Ameren customers, you could be in for a rate hike on June 1. Read this Q&A to get the latest details. What’s happening? Customers in Central and Southern Illinois who are paying Ameren Illinois’ electricity supply rates may see a significant increase in their power bills from June 1, 2015 through…...

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