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Exposed: Lies about your gas bill!

Over 30 years of consumer advocacy, CUB has heard a lot of misinformation about utility service–yep, some real doozies! As winter approaches, here’s our list of the top 5 myths about your gas bill. Myth No. 1: There’s nothing you can do to cut your energy bills. CUB’s free online tool,…...

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Good news for Ameren natural gas customers?

Ameren is predicting its customers will see lower natural gas prices this winter—but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll see lower bills. The utility says it expects prices to hover between 53 and 55 cents per therm, down about 5 percent from the prices customers paid last winter. But Ameren cautioned that lower prices don’t guarantee…...

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CUB Analysis: Up To $37 Million Per Year In Potential EE Savings

CUB held news conferences across Illinois today to release a report that holds both good news and bad news for Illinois consumers. First the bad news: The Federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently released state fact sheets that indicate Illinois is one of the biggest household energy users in the…...

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Victory? Nicor customers to see $72 million refund

A 5-0 Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) ruling means Nicor customers will be on the receiving end of a $72 million paycheck in the near future. While we’re always happy to see customers get a refund, in this case, $72 million is not enough to undo the harm done to customers.…...

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