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Smart grid

What’s happening to your Ameren power bills?

Read this Q&A about your Ameren power bills and take our quick poll. So what’s happening to my Ameren electric bill? Two developments in April could impact your Ameren power bill. First, Ameren announced that it has asked the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) for a rate cut of about $14…...

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Live in Illinois? Your Energy Data May be Easier for You to Access than Ever Before

By: David Kolata and Andrew Barbeau Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to electricity. And as Illinois’ biggest electric utility installs 4 million new digital, advanced meters across the state, people are on the brink of obtaining the intelligence they need to maximize the benefits of this smart…...

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Control your data = see savings!

As smart meters roll out across the country, we stand on the horizon of a bright and innovative energy future.  Part of the smart grid’s benefits are systemic: stronger grid resiliency, increased reliability, fewer outages, decreased peak energy load, and lower utility operating costs. But benefits also accrue to the individual customer—and that…...

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Bright future: Good news from the Illinois Commerce Commission

The future for solar looks a little brighter in Illinois after two recent Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) rulings. The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) applauded the decisions after months of work in favor of the reforms.  “If Illinois wants to have a cheaper, cleaner and more stable…...

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Utilities stand in the way of money-saving pricing plans

If there was a program that could reduce demand on the power grid AND lower your electric bills AND cut harmful pollution, you would think that was a pretty good plan, right? The big electric companies disagree. CUB recently asked state regulators to explore the idea of ComEd and Ameren offering an optional…...

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How do Illinois consumers feel about smart meters?

As ComEd and Ameren begin the enormous task of installing nearly 5 million digital smart meters across the state over the next decade, we polled more than 1,000 weekly e-newsletter subscribers to get their thoughts on the new technology. We also invited consumers to submit their comments and questions about digital smart meters. Find…...

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