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Peoples Gas

Would the real regulated gas company please stand up?

Annette Evans, consumer rights associate at CUB, recently received a call from a consumer whose gas bill had mysteriously skyrocketed to nearly $600.  After some sleuthing, Annette discovered the culprit: without her knowledge, the consumer had been signed up with Nicor Advanced Energy— an unregulated sister company of the utility…...

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Rip-off response

Earlier this week, we issued tips to protect yourself from bad deals in the natural gas market.  More than 1,800 of you responded to our accompanying survey, and about 56 percent of you said you had encountered a pitch from an alternative gas supplier. Here were some of your experiences: “The person…...

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Put up your dukes: Time to take on rate hikes

In 2014, CUB is fighting more than half-a-billion dollars in rate-hike battles from ComEd, Ameren, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas (see the chart below). In response, we’ve established an emergency Consumer Defense Fund and we have a challenge for you:  Help us raise $50,000 by April 30th to cover…...

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March gas rates skyrocket

Illinois natural gas users all woke up to a more expensive reality over the weekend. March gas rates for the utilities shot up, prompting CUB to call for the increases to be investigated.   Peoples Gas customers will see their rates climb to a whopping 93 cents per therm.  North Shore…...

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Not Again

Just when we thought spring was upon us, news of March natural gas rates hit—and it’s a doozy. Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas, which serve the Chicago area, announced yesterday that March supply rates will soar to about 93 cents per therm and 88 cents per therm respectively.  That’s up…...

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