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alternative electric suppliers

A big change for Chicagoans… and a free tool to help

Beginning in August, more than 600,000 Chicago households will switch from the City’s municipal power deal with Constellation Energy back to ComEd, marking the end of the largest deal of its kind in the country. With the mass exodus of customers, Chicago residents need to be on high alert.  The big…...

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Electric competition: Not the money saver it once was

The times are a’changing. When electric competition began in northern Illinois, it seemed like a sure bet for savings.  ComEd’s price at the time was high and electric customers could easily find deals by shopping the market of unregulated suppliers. But the era of easy savings is over, for now, in…...

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Good riddance to obnoxious exit fees

In the General Assembly’s spring session, CUB championed the only major energy legislation to get passed—a bill that says sayonara to bad fees. State lawmakers unanimously approved a bill (HB 3766) that would cap exit fees charged by alternative power suppliers. Residential and small-business customers get slapped with these fees when…...

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