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AT&T’s response to last week’s nationwide outage

Last week, AT&T’s cellular outage lasted several hours and impacted customers nationwide.  AT&T has come out since then with an apology and reassurance that the outage was a result of “the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network, not a cyberattack.”  They plan…...

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New electric rates for ComEd and Ameren customers in 2024

State regulators last December issued a series of orders that significantly reduced the record rate hikes ComEd and Ameren Illinois wanted, while also rejecting their plans to upgrade the power grid, ruling that they violated several provisions of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA). Below is our breakdown of…...

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New electric rates for ComEd and Ameren customers in 2023

As of Jan. 1, ComEd and Ameren are charging new electricity rates. Here’s our breakdown:  DELIVERY RATES What are delivery rates?  Electric bills have two parts: delivery and supply. All of us pay delivery rates to cover the utilities’ costs of sending electricity over their wires to our homes–plus a…...

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Ameren offers $500,000 in assistance, and special payment plans have July 31 deadline

In a summer of skyrocketing power prices, Ameren Illinois announced it is using $500,000 in shareholder funds to give relief to electric customers–and until July 31 it is offering certain customers friendlier plans to pay off debt.   The Residential Assistance Credit is in response to the highest electricity prices CUB…...

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