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Top 3 tips to save money this summer!

Summer electric rate20140520_summertips_blogs are going up, up, up, but never fear: CUB has you covered with the top 3 money-saving tips to reduce your electric bill over those sweltering summer months.

1.)    Keep it cool…without cranking the AC!

Without a doubt, the biggest contributor to high power bills in the summer is running the air conditioner.  Keep your home cool without cranking that AC by doing the following:

    • Create a cross-breeze by opening windows on the opposite sides of your house, especially in morning and evening when it’s cooler.
    • Run ceiling fans counter-clockwise to create a gentle downdraft.
    • Use a window fan, blowing toward the outside, to pull cool air in through other windows and push hot air out.
    • Close the blinds or shades during midday to reduce heat from the sun.
    • Keep hot air from seeping in by sealing the spaces around windows, doors and around the holes where electrical wires and plumbing pipes enter the home.

2.)    Replace appliances and bulbs

    • Upgrade your air conditioner. Replacing a 10-year-old AC unit with a newer unit will result in at least a 15 percent gain in efficiency, and up to 50 percent if you choose a model with the Energy Star label, the federal government’s designation for highly efficient products.
    • Replace hot incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs or LEDs.
    • Upgrade appliances to energy-efficient models that use less electricity and generate less heat.

3.)    Reduce heat-producing activities

    • Unplug appliances and use a smart power strip to help power down electronics when not in use.
    • Delay heat-producing tasks, such as dishwashing, baking, or doing laundry, until the cooler evening hours or early morning.
    • Whenever you can, use a microwave or grill outside instead of oven cooking.  Ovens take longer to cook and can make your house warmer, making  your air conditioning system work harder.

You can beat the heat and still save money on your electric bills this summer.  Visit CUBEnergySaver.com for more useful tips on how to slash your energy usage!