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How much are utility parent companies making?

Help us in the fight against these utility giants. Consider a small gift, whatever you can afford, to help us lower your electric, gas and telecom bills!...

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IL energy, cable & phone companies made $17.7 billion in 2014

The parent companies of Illinois’ major electric, cable, natural gas and phone companies made a total of $17.7 billion in profits last year,  according to a CUB review of recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Comcast: The cable, phone and Internet giant saw its 2014 profits top $8.4 billion…...

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See what your phone, gas, electric companies are making

We’ve run the numbers, and Illinois’ major electric, natural gas and telecom companies raked in more than $6 billion in the second quarter alone. Don’t get depressed—get mad! Join the team and help us fight to keep these companies out of your pockets....

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