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Comcast at it again?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, news emerged this week of yet another Comcast customer service fiasco. Mary Bauer opened her bill last month to discover her bill had been addressed to “Super B***h Bauer.”   The Addison resident had previously spent nearly a year going back and forth with…...

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Update: Net Neutrality

Earlier this week, we talked about Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler’s announcement of plans to introduce strong protections in his upcoming proposal for rules on net neutrality.  Now, we have some more details on the plan, which promises to save the free and open Internet. The FCC released a statement this week…...

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New year, new hope for the Internet?

Recently at the world’s largest consumer electronics show, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler appeared to defend the reclassification of broadband Internet under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. That bombshell appears to be a big win for net neutrality, the idea that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must treat all Internet content…...

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Deceptive Billing: 3 Tips to Protect Yourself

Imagine you’ve just signed up for Broadband Internet Service for $34.99 per month.  You’re pretty content with the deal, and soon spend your days in a quiet reverie of Pinterest, Netflix documentaries, and cat videos… …until you get your first month’s bill: $94.95! That’s what happened to Jeremy Zielinski of New York…...

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A new utility for CUB?

The White House has come out in support of reclassifying broadband Internet as a utility. That would be a win for “net neutrality,” enabling the Federal Communications Commission to prohibit Internet Service Providers from blocking, throttling or prioritizing Web services in exchange for payment. Net neutrality is the idea that…...

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