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climate change

CUB Q&A: What’s a heat pump, and how is it a key to our clean energy future?

With the ever-changing landscape of utilities and energy in Illinois, one topic that has recently gained traction is the use of heat pump systems. In addition to their potential to save consumers money, heat pumps are frequently cited as a way to promote more equitable changes in energy policy, and decarbonize buildings around the state. But…...

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CUB research: Climate change could raise electric bills by $10.9 billion

Climate change will cause ComEd customers to pay an additional $10.9 billion on their electric bills over the next 30 years, a CUB study shows. The research proves a point that CUB has long made–that climate change is bad for consumers’ bottom lines–and it underscores the importance of Illinois passing…...

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CUB Q&A: Illinois and spiking natural gas prices

The extreme winter weather that hit the nation February 14-15 has led to some Illinois consumers paying high natural gas prices. In issuing a disaster proclamation for all 102 Illinois counties in the wake of the snow and subzero temperatures, Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration sounded the alarm a few weeks ago:…...

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It’s time to rethink heat in Chicago

By Chicago Alderman Brendan Reilly and David Kolata, CUB Executive Director If ever there was an absolute certainty, it’s that the controversial Peoples Gas pipeline-replacement program is setting up Chicago residents for an economic disaster, unless we act now. The company’s decades-long plan to replace gas mains throughout the city…...

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