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Climate Change

The UN’s Bold Climate Change Solution

A United Nations panel has released its third and final report on climate change, and following the dire warnings in the first two installments, this one strikes a hopeful tone with scientists’ plans for the world’s path forward. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the last…...

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UN report: Climate disasters are likely to get worse–we must act now

With increasingly cold winters and hotter summers, Illinois consumers face the prospect of higher and higher gas and electric bills. It’s likely to get worse, according to the latest climate report by the United Nations, but we still have time to act.  The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change…...

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Infrastructure bill awaits Biden’s signature, climate package faces uphill battle

The House has passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that would provide a much needed boost to the country’s broadband, utility and transportation services. President Joe Biden is expected to sign the $1 trillion plan in the coming weeks, but the bill’s companion, a $1.75 trillion social safety net and climate…...

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High gas prices cause concern as cold temps near

Nearly every natural gas utility again raised their prices in September, causing more concern for consumers’ gas bills with winter just around the corner. These supply rates, some double or triple the utilities’ 2020 prices, are the result of the extreme cold that hit the nation back in February. As…...

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Landmark climate report underscores urgency for action in Springfield, Washington

Dangerous weather due to climate change is inescapable in years to come, and the world will only be able to prevent the most catastrophic effects of global warming if it immediately begins to move away from burning fossil fuels, according to an unprecedented scientific analysis that proves the importance of Springfield…...

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