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From the CUB files: The case of the “mixed meter,” and a $495 refund

Each year, thousands of Illinoisans call CUB with complaints or inquiries about their utility companies—that includes Charlene. The 75-year-old condo resident didn’t know why her electric bill had skyrocketed. She cares about efficiency—turns off lights, unplugs unused appliances, sets the thermostat no higher than 68 degrees, and avoids energy guzzlers…...

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A horrible bill in Washington

Can you believe this? Some members of Congress seem to want consumers to stop complaining about Internet service. H.R. 2666, also known as the “No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act,” could forbid the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from acting on customer complaints about billing errors, data caps, overage…...

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In a jam with your utility? Don’t rule out Facebook, Twitter

Social media isn’t just for selfies and life updates. Facebook and Twitter can help you tackle utility problems. One Chicago couple recently took to Twitter to address a concern with Peoples Gas. Having had their heat turned off, they had made a payment to restore service. However, they reported that the utility…...

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Telecom, utility concerns on AG’s list of top consumer complaints

Telecommunications and utilities are both top concerns for Illinois residents, according to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s annual top 10 list of consumer complaints. In 2014, the Attorney General’s office fielded 2,162 telecommunications-related complaints from consumers (No. 3 on the list), and 566 utility-related complaints (No. 10). Attorney General Madigan’s…...

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4 steps to a productive company complaint

by Esther Leonard Many of us have felt wronged by a company. From over charges on electric bill to bad phone service, companies can get away with some shady stuff.  But you don’t have to take it lying down!  You can keep companies accountable by voicing your complaints. At CUB,…...

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