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Demand Response

Historic Moment: EPA unveils Clean Power Plan

Today marks a historic moment, as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled its long-anticipated Clean Power Plan—the most ambitious action of its kind to combat climate change and promote energy efficiency across the country. The plan’s nationwide goal is to help cut carbon pollution from power plants by 32 percent by 2030.…...

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Breaking: Stage is set for a Supreme Court showdown over your electric bills

Today, we have good news for energy efficiency— and your future power bills. The Supreme Court announced that it will review a 2014 Appellate Court decision that stripped the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC) of its authority to promote, regulate and help develop “demand-response” programs in the energy market. Demand response refers to programs…...

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“Now is the time for Time-of-Use pricing”

Today, CUB and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) urged ComEd and Ameren to offer optional “Time-of-Use” pricing plans in Illinois.  Such plans would reward energy-efficient customers for shifting electricity use away from “peak” hours–when demand is high, prices skyrocket, and power plants produce the most pollution.  These plans would not only save individual…...

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Act now to avoid skyrocketing electric prices

We’ve been updating you on two developments that could have disastrous consequences for your power bills.  Now’s the time to act to protect YOUR interests. ComEd customers:  Tell Congress to fix a terrible court ruling that could increase your rates by 20% A recent federal court ruling stripped power grid operator PJM (the…...

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An expensive court decision for ComEd customers

We told you last week about an Appellate Court decision that could increase future ComEd power prices by 20 percent! It all revolves around energy efficiency programs known as “Demand Response”– aka”negawatts.” That’s when the manager of the power grid, an organization called PJM, pays huge industrial customers to shift…...

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Court ruling threatens ComEd customers with 20% rate hike

We received bad news recently out of Washington: A ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit could spark a 20 percent increase in the supply rate charged by ComEd. In addition to fighting nearly $1 billion in rate hikes, CUB for years has pushed…...

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