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dynamic pricing

Demand response: a win for you, the environment, and the grid

Demand response programs are opportunities for consumers to take an active role in lowering their electric bills, reducing stress on the electric grid, and cutting pollution. Sounds like a good deal. But what are “demand response” programs? At their core, all demand response programs incentivize consumers to shift their electricity…...

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CUB Q&A: Why did real-time prices get so high for a few days after the winter storm?

In the wake of the snowstorm that brought subzero temperatures and up to a foot of snow to parts of Illinois, CUB received several calls from consumers complaining about high prices they were paying for a special program in which electricity rates can change by the hour. CUB is a…...

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CUB study finds big savings for EV drivers with special Ameren pricing plan

A new study by CUB found that electric vehicle drivers in Central and Southern Illinois could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year in charging costs if they participate in an Ameren Illinois program called Power Smart Pricing. “Charge for Less: An Analysis of Electricity Pricing for Electric Vehicles in…...

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How electric vehicles could cut your power bill, even if you don’t drive

The surging popularity of electric vehicles on American roads could actually lower power bills for all electric consumers, even those who don’t own cars, a new CUB study found. The key is for policymakers to adopt key measures necessary to manage how EVs get charged. The study, Charging Ahead: Deriving…...

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New EDF/CUB study shows potential of real-time pricing to cut power bills

Ninety-seven percent of a sample of Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) customers would have saved money in 2016—without changing their electricity use—had they participated in a “real-time pricing” program in which power prices change hourly, according to new research released today. In a broad, first-of-its-kind study, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Citizens…...

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Utilities stand in the way of money-saving pricing plans

If there was a program that could reduce demand on the power grid AND lower your electric bills AND cut harmful pollution, you would think that was a pretty good plan, right? The big electric companies disagree. CUB recently asked state regulators to explore the idea of ComEd and Ameren offering an optional…...

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