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My summer EE checklist (grandpa would be proud)

By Scott Allen, CUB Environmental Outreach Coordinator (Hillsboro) As the weather turns warm, it’s time to get your home ready for summer. And that reminds me of the jobs I used to do for my grandpa, when I was a kid in Griggsville, Illinois, population 1,200. Over time, Grandpa Jerry, a…...

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Give yourself (and your power bill) a relaxing Fourth of July

By Sagar Dommaraju What better holiday than Independence Day to free yourself from high electricity costs. Follow these tips for the perfect Fourth of July weekend. First, take a holiday from the daily bustle and leave your electronics—computers, TVs, phones, printers—alone for the weekend. Make sure to unplug them completely…...

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Lessons from my summers in India: Staying cool without breaking the bank

By: Sagar Dommaraju Illinois summers are hot—but they’re nothing compared to the ones I experience when I visit relatives in southern India. Temperatures there easily top 100 degrees, cooling rains rarely fall, and—if you live in a rural village—air conditioning is unavailable at certain peak electricity times. But those stifling…...

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CUB’s Guide to Space Heaters

As temperatures drop this winter, many of us are digging out the space heater from the crawl space–anything to stay warm, right? But before you plug in, you probably have some  questions.  Are space heaters cost-effective for home heating?  Do they pose a safety risk?  What type of heater is…...

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