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How to make your home bearable in a heat wave

With potentially dangerous heat on the horizon as the summer months come into focus, CUB has tips on how residents can keep their homes cool, safe and energy efficient. Remember these to stay comfortable during the dog days of summer: –Raising your thermostat by only two degrees and using a…...

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Storm safety tips

As the storms roll in, so does the risk of lightning, downed power lines, flooding and other electrical hazards.  Follow these tips to protect yourself (and share with your neighbors too!): Downed power lines.   The human body is a natural conductor of electricity, so downed power lines  present a major…...

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Safety first: Tips to prevent electrical hazards

With air conditioners and ceiling fans powered on, summer is a time of high electricity use.  But amidst all that buzzing and whirring, it might be easy to overlook some electrical safety risks. Follow these electrical safety tips to keep your home hazard-free: Check outlets for loose plugs that could cause shocks or…...

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CUB’s Guide to Space Heaters

As temperatures drop this winter, many of us are digging out the space heater from the crawl space–anything to stay warm, right? But before you plug in, you probably have some  questions.  Are space heaters cost-effective for home heating?  Do they pose a safety risk?  What type of heater is…...

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5 tips for staying safe on public WiFi

Using public WiFi for your laptop or cell phone has many advantages.  It’s usually free (thanks, Starbucks!), doesn’t use up the data on your phone, and…well, did we mention free? But people often surf away without realizing that public WiFi connections rarely have the same type of security protections as…...

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Governor signs ban on cellphone use while driving

Talkers take note: Starting in January you’ll have to pull to the side of the road before you pick up your cellphone—or face a heavy fine. Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill into law on Aug. 16 that bans using a handheld cellphone for any purpose while driving. Chicago and…...

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