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Beware! New year, new electric rates

As of Jan. 1, the electric rates for both Ameren and ComEd customers have changed.

For Ameren electric customers, rates have dropped about $14.5 million. However, CUB believes customers deserve an even bigger cut: a total of $22 million.

That’s why the watchdog filed a petition of rehearing with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). It’s arguing that the utility’s administrative costs have gone done, so Ameren customers are entitled to a bigger piece of the pie.

Help CUB protect Ameren customers by urging regulators to give them a $22 million rate cut.

On the other hand, rates for ComEd customers have increased due to a $127.5 million rate hike.

While the utility received about $10 million less than it originally proposed, CUB believes it still go more than it deserved.

But thanks to a new development, there’s a strong chance the rate hike could be lowered by an additional $17 million or more.

CUB only has a fighting chance to help reduce the rate hike, if its loyal supporters are by its side: Urge the ICC to cut the hike.  

And don’t forget to check CUB’s WatchBlog regularly for updates on these two cases!